Student Progress Report

Dear SEEK Student,

Below is the online "Student Progress Report" that you are required to fill out. Please read the questions and provide an answer. The questions with an asterisk (*) are required; therefore, please make sure that you provide an answer for those. Upon completing the form please click on the "Submit" button below.

If you do not answer a question that is required you will receive an error message identifying which question was left blank. If you get such an error message simply click on your brower's back button to return to the form and continue filling it out; otherwsie, you will receive a submission confirmation. If you encounter problems, have questions or require assistance, please send an email to: or call us at (718) 960-7979. Thank you for your attention and cooperation; we greatly appreciate it!

Student Progress Report
*Today's Date:
(Please provide your EMPL ID number; if you do not
know your number you can log-in to CUNYFirst
using the link on the right in order to find out.)
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*First Name:
*Last Name:
*How do you feel about your progress this week?
*Did you attend all your classes this week?
*Were you late to any classes this week?
*Homework on time/complete?
*Participated in class?
*Positive attitude?
*Satisfactory Progress?
*How would you rate your overall performance this week?
*Please enter your grades to date
for the following listed below.
If any of the following does not
apply this week please put "N/A"
for "Not Applicable"
*Please indicate the number of hours spent
THIS WEEK on the following activities:
If any of the following does not
apply this week please select
"0 hours"
Please provide any additional
comments or information regarding
your progress that you would like
to share.